Hello Spring

It’s not just about 3 things I love coming together – spring, childhood and client friends….but when it happens it feels kind of magical.

Hello 6!

Hands down 4-7 is my favorite age. They’re silly, they’re unselfconscious, they’re fun to be around, up for adventure and they can keep up with the jokes. Photographing them is every bit as exciting. I welcome their selves and the uniqueness of their personalities. It’s very rare that their rambunctiousness is naughty…usually its either an interaction or a reaction and both of those things are what I live for. I can wait for it, that making proud moment when they see you laugh or you make them laugh. There is a special way that this age is silly and once they age up just a little bit it’s gone.

The weekend

Last year this family met me at their favorite park and brought their bikes which are a big part of their lives. We explored their haunts and trundled around on their bikes. This year they wanted to celebrate their new home and the things that happen there in the rainy winter weekends of Seattle. And so we explored their indoor spaces and tromped around on the sofa. I found myself seeing the moments that in 10, 15 years would be sweet memories for the parents and unbelievable for the kids….you used to always want to dress up, you used to let your brother twirl your hair, you always, you never….this is how we were, this is how we are.

hello newborn you

There are a number of different ways to approach newborn photography from the romantic to the clinical. I’m going for straight up…tiny baby, adoring parents, curious pets, eyes big with wonder (for both parents and bebe) and love…lots and lots of love.


There are a lot of variables in a photo session. There are the physical variables of the weather, the location, the family size. There are the emotional variables of the moods, the temperaments, the level of hunger and tiredness. These things can really impact the photos and the photo experience. But in my opinion there is one main deciding constant and that is the level of trust that you have in me and my work. I have worked with this family since their oldest was in his momma’s belly. We’ve gone all over for photos, they’ve been dressed up and dressed down. There have been plenty of crabby moods and hungry bellies. But it always works. And it’s because they trust me. They trust that despite all the crazy kookiness of me and of them there are going to be wonderful photos. They won’t all be perfectly posed, perfectly smiling, perfectly perfect but that’s not why they hired me. They know that I am working with them to create a slice of what is them right now and that I find them perfect…crazy kookiness included…tired, hungry, grumpiness included….sassy, silliness included. Trust.

Curtis and Hillary’s Photobooth

The photo booth has become a mainstay of weddings…little booths with feathered boas and Viking hats. You cram in, make a mug and get a little strip to hang on the fridge. But to have an open stage on which to act up and only your crazy, kooky selves, your fun loving family and friends with which to create magic…that’s another whole level of fun. It goes beyond the phone images that saturate our lives, has a gravitas yet an irreverence that creates moments of magic. And for the wedding couple each one of those moments is a piece of their story, a coming together of the family and friends and the unique group that was them before and is celebrating them here and now.

Sarah and Robert’s Wedding

Sometimes its just a nice wedding. It’s all the things I imagine a wedding to be…good people coming together to celebrate good people. There is intention but the planning doesn’t overwhelm the principles (or principals). For me, this was exactly that kind of wedding. I’ll reiterate what I feel like I say time and time again…to be honored to capture their moments, not asked to stage and direct and choreograph but only to bear witness and document was an immense honor (and privilege).