A wonderful surprise

Owen has a mind of his own. He is a different kind of kid that doesn’t respond to things the way that other kids do.  It’s a total challenge for me since I am obsessed with making kids smile.  I have to sit back and wait to see what will light up his face. Usually it’s a word with a funny sound like “nope” or “swoop” or “downspout”.  Or, if the mood is right, he might enjoy being tickled by his dad.  His mom is very pragmatic about our sittings insisting that we only need that one good one.  Normally that is a throw down challenge for me but with Owen, when I get that one gem I feel like I’ve climbed the mountain.  We had an especially slow start last weekend despite being blessed with an amazingly sunny day (remember that Seattleites? that day we had sun….ahhh, that was the day).  I was beginning to despair for the “one good one”.  When his mom gave him a hug and then a nuzzle and then a little sniff.  And it was magical. His face lit up.  He stayed in the embrace and reveled in the sensations.  It was so simple and so perfect.  I’m putting that sniff in my back pocket for next time.

Since this was the first time mom has been in photos not only does that mean we got those great smiles but we also got this gem of a family portrait!

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