All our families

In my 15 years of experience doing family portraits I can pretty confidently tell you that not all families are the same – some are strict, some laugh a lot, some are formal, some ridiculously laid back. I have kids that shoot me with stick guns and kids that are expressly forbidden to do so or correct me when I say “gosh”. I have athletic families and bookish families and all sorts of families. So many different families.

Within all that difference I see a lot of sameness as well.  I see soooo much age appropriate behavior be it shy 1 year olds, challenging 3 year olds, changing 7 year olds, bored 10 year olds. I see the stress and the joy of being a parent in general and photo time in particular. I see that crazy love parents have for their kids and the security kids feel in being in their family unit.

I’m going to tell you something you probably already know but the differences in families usually isn’t the sex or the color or the ability or the number of the parents.

So here’s what it might look like to spend a sunny morning in a quiet park with a sassy 3 year old and a between stages 7 year old and their queer parents.

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