As we are

Many times this friend has commented before a session about how the body or the hair or some thing that one might want to change, improve, modify, didn’t get done yet again in time for photos. And every year she lays that aside and takes photos regardless. And every year I commiserate (and think about the things on myself that didn’t get changed, improved or modified). And that sticks. Until I see the photos. And then all I see is that moment when he is still young enough to sit on the lap, to enjoy a snuggle or a kiss, when he holds her hand, when they look at each other still sooo deeply bonded and enmeshed and in love with each other. And I am so glad that she has the self compassion to continue to be in the photos because….

there is not one photo of my mom or my gramma that I look at and think that one tiny little thing about them should change.

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