Monthly Archives: August 2014

what a week

I’ve had my photography business for 12 years now (!) and have had many busy weeks, many wonderful weeks, many emotional weeks (if you can imagine) but last week for some reason really stood out for me. I visited new places and came back to old favorites, I photographed lifelong clients and brand new friends, […]

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goldenly perfect

You know how sometimes things just totally come together? Like you are working but it doesn’t feel like work. You’re with strangers but they totally feel like friends. It’s been a hot and sunny day but at just that moment it becomes incredibly pleasant and goldeny and perfect. When you’ve been told to do what […]

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This pulls at me

Someone asked me recently what I loved most about family photography and then went on to guess babies. Of course I love babies, it’s practically un-American not to. But what I’ve been really loving lately, what has pulled harder and harder at the heartstrings are inter-generational moments. Grammas getting hugs, older siblings children gathered together […]

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