Monthly Archives: May 2014

Personality Galore

Hank has a big personality. A fall down, pick yourself back up, get back in the race, keep the joke going, stop for a snuggle big personality. And even with all that it doesn’t even touch the surface of awesomeness of this family. I only spend and hour with people and yet there was this wonderful, beautiful, clear-eyed, […]

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Hello Neighbor

Can’t. Get. Enough. Must. Eat. Baby.

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Because I’m the Photographer

I hear Owen won’t tolerate photos. He’s adamant. And Owen isn’t a kid to be cajoled or bribed into it.  Kids with autism present lots of challenges for engaging for photos. Infinitely rewarding but definitely a slower unfolding. When I heard that he wasn’t cooperating at all for photos my heart sort of dropped a little in […]

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