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parents now

Weddings are funny things. Beautiful days filled with big emotions, carefully constructed details, time honored traditions. I see people on “their big day”. The culmination of years of courting, months of planning and days of stress and anticipation. I see a wonderful, joyous, big part of who they are. But coming back years later and seeing them […]

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my littlest nieces

I have 4 beautiful nieces. 4 rowdy, independent, creative, competitive girls that are filled with drama and trickery and sass and spirit. and I’ve watched them grow and change, seen them keep their coreness while discovering their selfhood. it’s not always easy to ride that wave. the oldest is 15 now and I’ve seen her so […]

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Let’s stay home

Its no secret that I like to be outside with families. I like the freedom, the space, the light, the energy that it gives. But with a blustery day we had to weigh our options….bundle up and head out anyways, try an indoor space, reschedule and hope for better weather….And then Margot did what I […]

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