Monthly Archives: August 2013

momo + jaron

jaron’s dad made a comment that rang so true of not only jaron but momo and them as a couple that it’s stuck with me…”if life is a banquet, jaron not only clears his plate but asks if you are going to finish what’s on yours”. their wedding was a testament to that. to them […]

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golden afternoon

 How perfect to end a busy day, a busy weekend, a busy week with a reminder of how open and loving people can be, children can be, can make you feel…how exciting the world can be, how wonderful it is to have your people around you, enjoying the sun, the beach, the park…how much fun […]

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hope and trust

 You hope they’ll sleep a little later. You hope they’ll nap a little earlier or a little longer. You have a lot of hopes for the photos. That your baby will be as smiley as normal. As cute as you know him to be. As sweet, good natured. But he wakes up early, doesn’t nap, is […]

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