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i feel shy and protective about how much i felt seeing my friend after so long. our last meeting so strained and suffused in sadness. and to be so welcomed. to see so much joy and happiness and belonging. and to feel so much happiness to have loved and been loved by her…i can remember and be thankful […]

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Something important

My sittings are important to me. Like I’ve been charged to capture and record this time, this phase,this moment. This was important for a different reason. This was personal. This is Kyre and her family. We have so much history together. From being in college and being in love and then breaking up and the hardness of […]

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I’ve been visiting…

friends, but well, also myself. It’s been a long time since we last saw each other…me and non-working Libby. I’ve been savoring my time off….painting, cleaning, quilting, visiting. I’m sure I’ll need to start working soon enough. Thinking about how I want to make things better for the year, new wedding albums, new sitting options. […]

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