Monthly Archives: September 2011

My real summer vacation…family style.

I did have a vacation this summer…we went to South Dakota, where I’m from. And we celebrated my dad’s 70th birthday. And I had a summer. Swimming pool. Fireworks. Ice cream cones on really hot days. Night swims. Forced outings to tourist attractions. The Dairy Queen (two times). Being bored in front of the tv. […]

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a wedding in (mostly) diptychs

an intimate day…I’m not saying it’s how all weddings should be…but it certainly felt exactly right for them (and me too…)

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Its for the moments…

Sometimes a wedding reminds me very specifically why I love being a wedding photographer. It’s the moments. There are a lot of different styles, a lot of different approaches…to both weddings and the art and business of photographing them. For me it’s not about the posed photos…I understand them, the joy and necessity of capturing […]

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