Monthly Archives: July 2011

Yeah, it was like that…

I pretty much fell in love with Sarah and Jeremy the first time I met them over beers. When Sarah showed me her mustache finger tattoo I got school girl giddy. When they hired an Elvis to serenade them down the aisle I swooned a bit. Muscle men cake toppers and hand printed tea towels and I’m […]

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Playing favorites

It’s been a few years. When you have teens they don’t change as much. Except, in looking at our last sitting, they do. It’s crazy. Isaac is a guy now…not a kid. It was a little startling. Any Sidney is confident and mature and interesting. It was, of course, as fun as always. I’ve been […]

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I cried a little…

I see Owen every year. He’s particular about his routine, his interactions, his speech. I wait a lot. I try what has worked in the past. I mimic his parents. I wasn’t sure how it would be to add 2 teenage cousins. It was beautiful. A warm, hazy day of sunshine and snuggles. Slow. Sweet. […]

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