Monthly Archives: December 2009

A sweet remembrance

There are places that you know from when you were a kid. Your grandparents house, summer camp,  a big backyard. My gramma and grandpa had a cabin on a lake. We swam and fished, walked the dusty road, played with the other summer kids…real sticky, sunshiney, summer goodness. She was a grandkid here. And then they were […]

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yummy cold day

It’s really cold here….so cold that it’s been sort of a questionable outside shooting experience. Oh, the kids are fine…I’m a big complainer though. So this morning we planned for some outdoor fun at the sculpture park and when they opened we ducked inside for some indoor time. It was a great decision! They love […]

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A sunny November day (for real)

The weather has been so yucky this past month that it seems like every weekend has been rained or frozen out. And then I saw Chet’s order come in and it reminded me of the sunny fun that was just a few weeks ago. Chet and I have had some slow warm up periods in […]

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