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and so it goes…

when i first met them it was in Dallas. #3 had just been born. everyone was sweet and snugly. jammed onto a futon (i’d show a photo here but it would involve digging out ancient film scans…gasp). and then #4 was born and we did the shot again. in between and around there have been […]

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A funny thing happened

in the middle of…ummm….shall we say a challenging morning? The stars aligned, Owen stopped not cooperating, Reagan glanced my way, Monte dropped his ball and we got this beauty of a family photo!Of course this is after I’d nearly devoured Reagan in all her perfect, delicious plumpness. yum yum yum

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Remembering Cody

It was sad and sweet to meet Cody and his people…he was sick and didn’t have a lot of time or energy left. We went for a nice walk and played a little ball….he passed away about a week later.   Pets are such an loved and special part of families…especially when there aren’t kiddos yet. […]

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