Melanie + Victoria

I want to be cool about how I talk about this wedding but the truth is that it’s embarrassing how much I loved it. And so I’ll write but will probably still be unable to convey the magic. Of course the details were understated yet elegant, the ambiance casual yet meticulously planned, activities relaxed yet perfectly executed. The bones of the wedding were good. The people that filled the spaces between were effusive, loving characters. And Melanie and Victoria, they were in love the kind of love that you see and feel and want to celebrate and bask in. And that bit of magic, the part that tipped the scales for me was the mandate to capture their friends, their family, the people that make up the space of them…and so I worked extremely hard but searingly happily.

Fall Mini Sessions

These back-to-back half hour mini-sessions are designed to capture beautiful and fun individual and family portraits just in time for the holidays. Your session fee includes 20 digital images that can be downloaded from a convenient online gallery.

Mt Baker Beach Park has a number of wonderful location options in a small space. Fall foliage, a long dock, city and park views, architectural elements and grassy lawns. There is convenient parking and restrooms are available.

Date: Saturday October 21st

Time: 9am – 3:30pm

Pricing: $275 session fee due at time of sitting

Location: Mount Baker Beach Park

All our families

In my 15 years of experience doing family portraits I can pretty confidently tell you that not all families are the same – some are strict, some laugh a lot, some are formal, some ridiculously laid back. I have kids that shoot me with stick guns and kids that are expressly forbidden to do so or correct me when I say “gosh”. I have athletic families and bookish families and all sorts of families. So many different families.

Within all that difference I see a lot of sameness as well.  I see soooo much age appropriate behavior be it shy 1 year olds, challenging 3 year olds, changing 7 year olds, bored 10 year olds. I see the stress and the joy of being a parent in general and photo time in particular. I see that crazy love parents have for their kids and the security kids feel in being in their family unit.

I’m going to tell you something you probably already know but the differences in families usually isn’t the sex or the color or the ability or the number of the parents.

So here’s what it might look like to spend a sunny morning in a quiet park with a sassy 3 year old and a between stages 7 year old and their queer parents.

thank you friend

I’ve rewritten this blog post a hundred times to talk about trust and emotion and connection and comfort and expectations. It’s included words like job and creative and documentary but each time it sounds more convoluted than the last. But it all boils down to Trust. Which I think is the overarching theme of my blog. I trust you to show up. I want you to trust that I’ll show up. I see the beautiful uniqueness and preciousness of your family as it is right now. I want you to see the beautiful uniqueness of me. I see all of you working hard to be present and patient and loving. I want you to see that I am working hard to do these same things. And that my friends is the beauty of 5 years of photographing my friend and her family. Knowing these things about them and believing that they know these things about me.

Jessie + Rory

I could photograph these two looking at each all day long…it’s wonderful to see the fierce and wonderful way they love each other.

So in love

This family…always so in love with each other. Also so willing to be connected and share the peculiarities, the nuances, the silliness of their life as a family with me, with the camera. Always so dedicated to their boy and the documenting of his childhood. And always letting he and I continue to develop our relationship together which is also a thing of real beauty for both the image quality and the human quality…

Here’s some owen through the ages…2010, 2011, 2012, 2014, 2015

A little bit slower

I had the opportunity lately to attend a 3 day workshop with some remarkably talented women. I learned and listened and experienced. We came together to sift through all the different ways that people run their business and conduct their sessions. It made me think about so many aspects of my business. It’s hard to believe but this is the 15th year for Libby Lewis Photography. I’ve really fine tuned my sessions and my business to work for both me and my clients. It was refreshing to spend so much time with other accomplished working professionals. It clarified areas where I could challenge myself and also ways of shooting and presenting that might be interesting for my clients. One of the areas that I’ve thought about was the actual sessions. My sittings are usually pretty outgoing affairs – fun, funny, spirited adventures.  I was wondering what it would be like to slow that down a bit…to spend a little more time doing slower activities, in the home, slightly more scripted but less directed (if you know what I mean). I love the outcome…the number of different expressions and opportunities. But I also missed the interaction, the fast pace. And I also loved the clarity that it gave me into my style…in branching out I was able to give myself words for what it is that I do regularly so that I could compare it to what I was presently doing. I don’t know if this experience will ultimately be something that I’ll offer or incorporate but I do know that the stretch was invaluable.