Libby Lewis Photography | Weddings


  • Hi Libby - I love the photo slideshow and the photos? They are PHENOMENAL. Thank you so much --Emily and Kyle

  • Libby Libby Libby Libby!!! I have been freaking out all day over these’s everything I was hoping for...and so much more! You’ve done it. Thank you for bringing our vision to life. Perfection. Well done! --Emma and Merritt

  • I just saw all the fantastic pictures you took at Lara and Scott’s wedding. I can’t even put into words how wonderful they are --Barbara (mother of the bride)

  • Hello! Just saw the wedding pictures and as always AWESOME WORK!!! You are such a rock star in photography seriously I just don’t know how you get the energy captured in that fatty camera of yours but you do --Chuck (groomsman and former groom)

  • OH MY GOSH. WE LOVE THEM. LOVE. LOVE. LOVE. Thank you oh-so-much. Again, I’d like to say how much we appreciate your artful eye, kind heart, and availability for our big day. Secretly.....I’m looking forward to getting knocked up, not just for growing a life, but for getting more great photos from you. Thank you Thank you Thank you! xoxox --Lisette and Matt

  • Libby!...the pictures are FANTASTIC! I love the ones from both Saturday and Sunday. You are the BEST! --Caroline and Jeff

  • Libby!!! They are AMAZING! I can’t even tell you how much we love love love the pictures :) You are so talented and have such an eye for detail and lighting, the pictures are absolutely beautiful. My whole family has been raving about the pictures...! :) We had such a blast at the wedding and it’s so much fun to be able to browse through the photos and see that everyone else looked like they were having as much fun too. Thank you again Libby - we just love you!!! --Amanda and Bryan

  • Dearest talented Libby, (sigh) I am so happy. We got our photo cd today and...(sigh) I was nervous that all of the pictures would be awkward, because I haven’t ever had anyone take my picture like that. They are $%!?$ fantastic. I am so extremely pleased. We look like us, or how I have always thought we looked. I can’t help but thinking of our kids one day looking at these(it gets my eyes all leaky!). You did such a fantastic job. Thank you so much. I felt like we had made the right choice having you as our photographer, now I know we were right. I am so looking forward to you being there on our wedding day. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! Happily your client --Vanessa and iLan.....P.S. All of the above sighs were happy sighs. (sigh)

  • I just want to say that it was so great to work with you - you helped make it a special day and were a wonderful guest as well - we treasure the photos and are still amazed how you were able to capture such fleeting moments into such wonderful photos. With gratitude --Melissa and Anush and family

  • I wanted to thank you again for a truly amazing day spent with you!!! You are not only a gifted artist but a great chick to work with!! You are so good and you are so fun and put us right at ease!!!! Thank you for everything!!! Everyone was talking about you--as demonstrated by your warm ovation at breakfast Sunday morning--you are too cute!!! Cheers!!!! --Jen and Mark

  • Libby, I’ve spent all day going through the photos. WOW! They are awesome. You two did an amazing job. It’s so cool to see all the people and parts of the wedding that I didn’t see when it was going on. And damn, my bride was HOT! Those pictures from the park are amazing as well. Okay, I trust you now on the leaning back thing. :) Thank you so much on all of your hard work. The pics are amazing... and I know so many people will be happy with their photo booth pics... it’s so nice to see all the family all dressed up and making funny faces at each other. Thanks again --Kate and Melissa

  • Libby, You are the best! We loved every moment of our wedding and you really made it extra special with your great sense of humor and wit. You made our guests just open up and have a great time. We appreciate every bit of it!! Thanks for making everything so special --Lacey and David

  • Thought you did a wonderful job at Court’s wedding. Am so glad that we are getting you for ours! --Ryan and Des

  • ...I thought the photos were just wonderful. I wish I’d known about you when I got married in Tacoma 10 years ago! You and your team were so patient, upbeat and creative – it was really fun to be a participant in the photo-taking...Thanks again for being such a star at the wedding. The photos were just fantastic and so was your patience with all of us. Take care. --Betsy (sister of the bride)

  • I got the photos yesterday and I absolutely love love love them!...Now I get to obsess over them and place them in, right now. Gotta go, thanks again Libby! --Chai and Chris

  • Thank you so much! We did receive the album yesterday and the pictures are AMAZING. Your work is wonderful and we will definitely recommend you to others. Thank you for making a special time in our lives even more memorable! --Misha

  • We just love the pictures! We are enjoying looking at them together and sharing them with friends who weren’t able to make the wedding. The ice cream truck pictures are precious- there will be very happy parents out there with such great pictures of their kids. I’m glad you got a few of Heather and Rob, and Nick and Catherine. And the grandparents. And our friends. And the band. And the tango! The list goes on. --Shoshanna and Josh