Libby Lewis Photography | Weddings


We’re at your wedding. You know what I see? I see something about to happen. Something cool and fun and beautiful and exciting and sweet and special. And it’s happening at your wedding and I’m going to make a beautiful and exciting and sweet and special photo of it. Ok, hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of beautiful, sweet, fun photos of it.

I got here--to your wedding--because I had an amazing junior year in college in Nepal and when I got back everyone said my photos were really nice. So I took a course in photography, switched majors and never looked back. I graduated with a BA in Fine Art from Smith College in Northampton MA. And then I moved to New York City (isn’t that what a young artist is supposed to do?). But New York is big--really big for a girl from South Dakota. So I moved to the really small town of Seattle.

And straight away I got a job at a local portrait studio. And I loved it. And I learned to pose babies and large families and high school kids and business people. And I learned about cameras and lighting. And I learned to put these things together so that I didn’t have to think about the technical stuff but could instead work to put people at ease so that we could make some beautiful portraits.

But then I thought it would be more fun to work for myself, to take the kind of fun and quirky photos that I want, to document people in places that are meaningful to them, to engage with my subjects in a deeper way to create images that conjure up specific moments in their lives...and you know what? It is more fun!